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Walking Therapy....

Walking therapy is a type of talking therapy which is based outdoors. Usually consisting of walking around a park or within a natural environment surrounded by nature, which allows you to connect to your difficulties and literally move forward in life.

Who has walking therapy?

Walking therapy can work well for individuals who are feeling and facing stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, grief or low self-esteem. 

Nature is not to be underestimated at how it provides an abundant, non-judgemental and active space. You may or may not have experienced before how venturing into the outdoors can offer the simple gift of helping you unwind and reconnect with yourself.  This is where walking therapy brings together the benefits of being in nature whilst experiencing physical movement, with the added benefit of a counsellor walking by your side. 

Waking can feel less intimidating than facing a counsellor in a room. It can help clients feel more relaxed, confident and open to sharing their inner most thoughts and feelings. You are literally on the same footing as your counsellor as they walk by your side.

The physical act of walking can stimulate new thoughts and ideas, which can help those who feel stuck to seek new direction, purpose and meaning.​


I offer various locations for walking therapy, some routes are more quieter and secluded than others. 


Some routes are pram friendly especially for mothers who want the benefits of counselling, but cannot access childcare which most face to face counselling requires. If there is a location that I have not listed that you would like to use for walking therapy, please do contact me.  

  • Harrold country location

  • Harrold-Odell Country Park

  • Bozeat

How does it work?

The session will be held for 50 minutes and costs £40 pounds. I always arrange an initial face to face counselling session before walking therapy commences. This allows me to understand what has brought you to seek counselling at this time.  We will discuss together if walking therapy is a suitable option for you.

We will decide together how we will manage confidentiality when we come across others when we are out walking. 

We will also discuss the framework of our counselling relationship so that you know what to expect from me as your counsellor and vice versa.